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      John is of counsel to Pillersdorf, DeRossett and Lane and assists with the firm's civil rights cases and lawsuits involving the environment. While his Justice Department colleagues were chasing federal judgeships and jobs with lawfirms in New York and Washington, John Rosenberg moved to Appalachia 30 years ago to take up the fight for the poor.

As a Jew who fled Nazi Germany with his family, John has always said that he has witnessed too many injustices in life to ignore the plight of people who couldn't help themselves. Appalachian residents needed a champion and John stepped forward to right an assortment of wrongs that people of the mountain regions faced.

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Of Counsel

Areas of Practice​    
Civil Rights

Environmental Law
Duke University
(B.S., 1977)
University of
North Carolina College
(J.D. , 1962)​