CRIMINAL DEFENSE                        

Being charged with a crime-- no matter how serious the offense--can forever affect the life of the accused. The criminal process is quiet complicated so when a person is faced with criminal charges, trying to understand what to expect can feel overwhelming.

It is very important for people who have been recently arrested to talk to a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. The most urgent priority is often getting a lawyer to help arrange release and provide some information about what's to come in the days ahead.

Criminal defense lawyers do much more than the average person realizes. While they argue firecely for their clients in the courtroom, it is the services outside the courtroom that people charged with crimes immediately require.

The attorneys at Pillersdorf, DeRossett & Lane are highly experienced Criminal Defense  lawyers, representing defendants ranging from those charged with simple misdemeanors to those charged with more serious felonies.

No matter how serious the charge, the attorneys of Pillersdorf, DeRossett, and Lane will:
             * Spend crucial time on your case and fight for your Constitutionally protected rights

             * Request the lowering of the client's bond or bail, trying to get the client released from jail                                       while the case is pending
             * Immediately request production of the evidence that is expected to be brought against the                                   defendant

             * Provide the client with a knowledgable perspective on his or her situation and what is likely
                              to happen should the case go to trial
             * Negotiate with prosecutors, often arranging for reduced charges and lesser sentencing.
             * Formulate sentences tailored to the needs of the client in an attempt to help him or her 
                               avoid future brushes with the Kentucky criminal court system.

So whether you or someone close to you is charged with a crime in Kentucky, contact Pillersdorf, DeRossett, & Lane today to set up a free meeting with one of our attorneys to analyze your case.

                                 CRIMINAL APPEALS                               

 Under the laws of the United States, individuals convicted of a crime are generally entitled to appeal their conviction to a higher court. These appeals can be based on a number of reasons, some of which include insufficent evidence presented at trial, an error during the jury trial that would require reversal, an excessive jail sentence being given by the trial court, or any other misunderstanding or mistake made during the legal process.

The highly experienced attorneys at Pillersdorf, DeRossett, & Lane can appeal your case to Kentucky state and federal appeals courts following:
            * Appeals of jury verdicts
            * Appeals from unconscious please or pleas made in mistake.

            * Improper sentences.

The attorneys at Pillersdorf, DeRossett & Lane can help you for other post trial procedures such as
            * Filing a motion for shock probation ( a motion that would drastically reduce your jail 
                           sentence and get your back to your regular life)
            * Fighting an attempt by prosecutors to revoke your probation or parole.
            * Appealing the imposition of an excessively lengthy sentence.

If you feel that you may have grounds to appeal a decision made against you in criminal court,
contact the attorneys at Pillersdorf, DeRossett & Lane to schedule a  free consultation today.